April 2021

Easter is for everyone

He is Risen! Join us for an awesome message from Pastor Jason Centoni this Easter Sunday.

March 2021

Questioning Jesus

Join us this palm Sunday as we take a look at the questions facing Jesus and the application they can show us.

Have you heard the news?

As we get closer to Easter we take a closer look at Jesus’ journey towards the cross.

Love God, love people

Pastor Jason takes us through the story of the rich young ruler as we continue going verse by verse in the book of Luke.

What to do before you give up

Luke chapter 18

February 2021

How to live a truly great life

In this message, we discover what Jesus told us is the secret to living a great life.

Growing Faith

Jesus reveals His formula in increasing faith.

Money, Marriage, and Misery

Pastor Jason Centoni speaks on Luke chapter 16

Parable of the shrewd steward

Tune in as Pastor Jason Centoni continues through Luke and the parable of the shrewd steward.

January 2021

Going Forward

Pastor Jason speaks about the story of the prodigal son, showing us how much our Father truly loves us!