April 2023

Acts chapter 14

What do you do when you’re doing the right thing but everything seems to be going wrong? This is the exact question Paul was asking on his first missionary journey. The answer he comes to will encourage us as we face trails, the same way it encouraged the first church. Sermon by Pastor Guy Leech

February 2023

Why does God have us do things that don’t make sense?

At some point in our lives, we all wonder why God has us do things that don’t make sense or have us in circumstances that we don’t understand. We can look at the book of acts to see why God asked regular people to do things that seemed to make no sense but would make […]

January 2023

How people can tell if you have (or haven’t) been with Jesus

If you’re a Jesus follower, even people who are nothing like Jesus can tell if you’re acting like Jesus. In Acts chapter 4, we see what it was about Peter and John that made them stand out as Jesus followers, and how we can do the same.

November 2022

How to be remembered for making a difference

All of us want to be remembered for making some kind of difference in our life and the lives of those around us. The lesson we can learn from King Josiah will show us how he was remembered for making such a difference, and how we can do the same in our life.

August 2022

Poor me, pour me

Pastor Guy goes through some of the amazing miracles of Elisha and how they apply to us today.

July 2022

1st Kings chapter 22

Pastor Guy Leech speaks on the final chapter of First Kings.

June 2022

1st kings’ chapter 17

Pastor Guy leech takes us into the introduction and story of Elijah. Going verse by verse through the book of 1st kings.

May 2022

Follow the line

Pastor Guy Leech takes us verse by verse through chapter 12 of first kings. We ask the question ‘how do we keep from going off the road?’

April 2022

The senseless census

Pastor Guy Leech takes us verse by verse through chapter 24 of 2nd Samuel, as we bring the book to a close.

March 2022

2nd Samuel Chapter 14: 14-33

Wednesday night bible study with guest speaker Guy Leech. Guy takes us through the end of chapter 14 in our journey through 2nd Samuel.