December 2021

What NOT to do when you don’t hear from God

At this low point in Saul’s life, we can take a lesson from him on what not to do when God is silent. And in return, learn what Jesus offers us when we don’t feel close to God

September 2021

What is the foundation of a good life?

David dos this one good thing over and over to lay the foundation of a good life. Let’s find out what it is and how we can apply it in our life.

April 2021

What to do when life is less than perfect

We all have circumstances in our lives that are less than perfect. In this message we will see what we can do, and what God can do with imperfect circumstances.

February 2021

How to live a truly great life

In this message, we discover what Jesus told us is the secret to living a great life.

January 2021

A different new years resolution

If you want this year to be different than last, try this one thing we learn from the story of Jesus in the book of Luke.

September 2020

How to listen before you lead

Many of us are in positions to lead not only ourselves but those around us. The question is, do you listen before you lead?

November 2019

Our Resurrected Body

What becomes of our body and life once we die? Listen in as Guest Preacher Guy Leech takes us through 1st Corinthians chapter 15:35-58 and digs into find the answer!

July 2019

Setting yourself aside to reach others

The best way to bring others to Jesus is to meet them where they’re at. Sometimes that means getting out of our own way.

I’m in this place for a purpose

Listen in as Guest Pastor Guy Leech asks the question, what do we do when we don’t feel like we fit in with what a Christian is ‘supposed’ to be like?

April 2017

The Reason For Hope

Do you ever feel like other people are so much farther along than you? Or that you will never become who you want to be in Christ? This message shows us there is hope for all of us.