August 2023

Second Corinthians Chapter One

This week with Pastor Jason Centoni we discover how the apostle Paul’s experiences of suffering and God’s comfort offer us insights into facing challenges. This chapter teaches us to rely on God’s unwavering comfort, share in one another’s struggles, and trust in His plans, even when our circumstances change. Join us as we learn to […]

When Sin Bites

Pastor Jason Centoni continues in Acts chapter 28 where we witness the columniation of Paul’s remarkable journey of faith, resilience, and unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel. Join us as we delve into the final chapter of Acts, where Paul’s unyielding faith is put to the test once more. From surviving a shipwreck to facing […]


Why are things still hard when we’re doing what’s right and following God? Pastor Jason Centoni is starting to wrap up the book of Acts and goes through the trials that Paul is facing.

Acts Chapter 26

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through the book of Acts. This week in chapter 26, Paul speaks to the infamous King Agrippa.

July 2023

Paul Appears Before Festus

After waiting for two years, Paul finally gets to plead his case. Will the Romans declare him guilty or innocent? Pastor Jason Centoni continues through Acts chapter 25 as we see how Paul defends his case and how it relates to us.

Who are You? What should I do?

Paul arrives in Jerusalem, is seized and beaten in the temple, and finally gives his testimony to the jews. Pastor Jason Centoni covers the exciting events that lead up to his prophesied capture.

Acts chapter 21

What should we do when God is telling us to do one thing but our friends and family are telling us something different? Pastor Jason Centoni goes through Acts chapter 21 and how Paul stands firm in his convictions of the Holy Spirit.

Acts Chapter 20

Have you felt like life is always throwing punches and you can’t seem to catch a break?. Let’s learn from Pastor Jason Centoni as he teaches us about how Paul handles the constant struggles during the last part of his journey.

June 2023

Acts Chapter 19

Things are never boring for the apostle Paul. Pastor Jason Centoni continues in Acts 19 and speaks on the riot in Ephesus.

Acts Chapter 19:8-20

Are you superstitious? What does the Bible have to say about it? Pastor Jason speaks on demons, witchcraft, and miracles and how it applies to us today.