March 2023

Acts chapter 9:8-31

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through Saul’s journey and how he went from persecuting to being persecuted.

February 2023

Acts Chapter 8

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through our study of Acts. This week we look at chapter 8 and the beginning of one of the biggest powerhouses in Bible.

Acts Chapter 7

Pastor Jason Centoni speaks about the first martyr of the church and how it changed everything.

Acts chapter 6

What should we do when we have disagreements in the church? Pastor Jason Centoni goes through chapter six of Acts and answers that question and more.

January 2023

Acts chapter 5

Pastor Jason Centoni goes verse by verse through Acts chapter 5. We see how God studies the heart, and its not about the amount you give, however the heart you have in giving.

The Perfect Time

Have you felt God is late coming to your aid? Pastor Jason Centoni goes through Acts chapter three and shows how God’s timing is always perfect.

Acts chapter 2

Pastor Jason Centoni continues our verse by verse study through Acts. this week we dive deep into chapter 2.

Prayer and Unity

What do you need going into the New Year? Pastor Jason Centoni addresses this issue and more as we continue in the book of Acts.

December 2022

Second Kings chapter 24 and 25

What caused the final fall of Jerusalem? Pastor Jason Centoni shows us the answer and how we could be destined for the same fate. Don’t miss this final sermon in the study of Second Kings.

November 2022

Second Kings chapter 22

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through the 22nd chapter of 2nd Kings. We meet a very unique king, Josiah and see how the most unlikely of people can make huge impacts.