April 2022

The king is dead, long live the king.

Pastor Guy Larson takes us through chapter 2 in our new study through the book of 1st Kings.

2nd Samuel chapter 23

Pastor Mac speaks on Second Samuel Chapter 23 and what King David wanted to be remembered for.

November 2021

Settled into sin

David finds himself in a dark place when he is surrounded by followers but has no support system.

May 2021

When the people of God lose the presence of God

To some, the presence of God is a welcome encouragement, to others it is a nuisance.

April 2021

And the locusts came…

What can you do… when you’ve lost absolutely everything?

February 2021

Growing Faith

Jesus reveals His formula in increasing faith.

December 2020

Continuing through Luke chapter 13

Join us as Pastor Guy Larson continues us through our verse by verse study of Luke.

November 2020

Cultivating the light

A challenge to live out the light of Christ in dark times. A sermon by Pastor Guy Larson.

February 2020

Lose the labes

This week Guest speaker Guy Larson takes us through Luke chapter 5:17-26 and how Jesus’s interaction with a paralyzed man, his friends, and onlookers shows us the different ways we treat each other and the Lord.

November 2019

Blessing in the Balance

                                                                         Are you stressed, out of whack, or have suffering relationships? Guest speaker               […]