February 2024

“You Have Heard It Said…”

Have you ever had an understanding of something, only for it to be wrong?Pastor Jason Centoni finishes Matthew chapter five and sheds some light on common misconceptions in this chapter.

Matthew Chapter Five

Pastor Jason Centoni goes through Matthew chapter five and discusses the deeper meanings behind the commandments that Jesus gives.

January 2024

Mathew Chapter 4:12-5:4

This week Pastor Jason Centoni takes a deeper look at the end of Chapter 4 and the Beatitudes in Chapter 5. We learn about the difference from being called and actually following Jesus. When we follow Jesus’s ministry consisting of Teaching, preaching, and healing, we also need to begin doing the same where God has […]

Where we fail, He succeeds

What do we do when we’re tempted and how does Jesus relate to our temptations? Pastor Jason Centoni begins Matthew chapter four and answers these questions and more.

December 2023

Happy New Year!

This Sunday Pastor Jason Centoni teaches through Mathew chapter 3, our last sermon of 2023. We see how John the Baptist reached those around him as he was and how we can apply that to our lives so we too can spread the word as we are.

Mathew Chapter 1:18-2:12

We take a look at the events that brought our Savior into this world as Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through the end of Mathew chapter 1 and into chapter 2.

Intro Into The Book Of Matthew

Pastor Jason Centoni begins our new sermon series in the book of Matthew. Here we uncover the lineage of Jesus, Mathews character, and a unique challenge for the week.

November 2023

Second Corinthians chapter 13

Pastor Jason Centoni ends our verse by verse study of second Corinthians, as we take a look at Paul’s finals statements and how we can apply them to our lives today.

Second Corinthians Chapter 12

Discover how Paul’s journey can resonate with our own struggles and challenges, and learn how God’s grace becomes our greatest source of strength. This sermon by Pastor Jason Centoni promises to inspire, encourage and empower you on your faith journey.

Unveiling Resilience

Join us in unraveling the richness of 2 Corinthians chapter 11. Pastor Jason Centoni uncovers the trials faced by the apostle Paul, offering profound insights into resilience, unwavering faith, and the enduring grace of God.