January 2023

How people can tell if you have (or haven’t) been with Jesus

If you’re a Jesus follower, even people who are nothing like Jesus can tell if you’re acting like Jesus. In Acts chapter 4, we see what it was about Peter and John that made them stand out as Jesus followers, and how we can do the same.

The Perfect Time

Have you felt God is late coming to your aid? Pastor Jason Centoni goes through Acts chapter three and shows how God’s timing is always perfect.

Acts chapter 2

Pastor Jason Centoni continues our verse by verse study through Acts. this week we dive deep into chapter 2.

Prayer and Unity

What do you need going into the New Year? Pastor Jason Centoni addresses this issue and more as we continue in the book of Acts.

Introduction into Acts

Don’t miss the first sermon as Pastor Jason Centoni begins our new series in the book of Acts.

December 2022

Second Kings chapter 24 and 25

What caused the final fall of Jerusalem? Pastor Jason Centoni shows us the answer and how we could be destined for the same fate. Don’t miss this final sermon in the study of Second Kings.

November 2022

How to be remembered for making a difference

All of us want to be remembered for making some kind of difference in our life and the lives of those around us. The lesson we can learn from King Josiah will show us how he was remembered for making such a difference, and how we can do the same in our life.

Second Kings chapter 22

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through the 22nd chapter of 2nd Kings. We meet a very unique king, Josiah and see how the most unlikely of people can make huge impacts.

Second Kings chapter 21

This week we look at the evil King Manasseh and how he becomes the original prodigal son. Join us as Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through chapter 21 of our study through second kings.

October 2022

Turn your cares into prayers

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse into Second Kings chapter 19. We see what Hezekiah does when pushed into a corner with seemingly insurmountable odds, and how we can apply the same knowledge in our lives.