September 2021

The Battle Belongs To The Lord

Do you have giants in your life that need to be overcome? Pastor Jason Centoni speaks on David and Goliath and how it applies to our lives.

August 2021

Get back on track

Verse by verse study of 1 Samuel chapter 16. By pastor Jason Centoni.

Obedience is better than sacrifice

Pastor Jason Centoni breaks down chapter 15 verse by verse as we continue our study through 1st Samuel.

Fighting on faith

This Sunday Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through 1 Samuel chapter 14.

God first, everything second

1st Samuel chapter 13, verse by verse walkthrough, by Pastor Jason Centoni.

July 2021

Consistency, Integrity, and Prayer

Verse by verse study of 1st Samuel chapter 12 by pastor Jason Centoni.

Anointed for your assignment

Verse by verse through 1st Samuel chapter 11 by pastor Jason Centoni.

A change of heart

A study verse by verse through 1st Samuel. Breaking apart and learning through chapter 10

June 2021

God’s in the details

Pastor Jason Centoni goes through 1st Samuel chapter 9 and shows us how God is in the details of our lives.

1 Samuel Chapter 8

A study verse by verse through 1 Samuel. Have you ever pushed for something that you were being warned against? When you eventually get it realizing you are worse of in the end? Find out how this lesson by Pastor Jason Centoni applies this to our life today.