December 2019

Its Not Just What, But Who

Have you ever been waiting for a promise or blessing and felt discouraged? Pastor Jason Centoni continues in the Gospel of Luke and reveals the secret to trusting in God even during our most difficult times.

Walk the walk

Mary lived in a difficult time with compromise all around her and yet she didn’t let it effect her. Pastor Jason Centoni shows us how we can be more like Mary before we step into our own calling.

Do that and God will do this

This week we were shown by Pastor Jason Centoni that while Mary lived in an ungodly place, she still didn’t compromise. Because of her obedience, God was able to do the greatest miracle of all time. how can we be like Mary in this generation? 

When God keeps His word even after we have doubted

Have you ever had doubt in God’s ability? Or have you had the fear that your doubts would somehow divert God from answering your prayers? Pastor Jason Centoni dives into Luke chapter 1 to find the answers and show us that God is far bigger than our doubts!

November 2019

The Gift

Pastor Jason Centoni starts us off in our new sermon series called, “the Gift”. You don’t want to miss this introductory message on the Gospel of Luke!

The Devil made me do it

Join us as Pastor Jason Centoni finishes off our sermon series through 1st Corinthians “I have Issues” as he shows us sometimes taking a step to be closer to God means taking ownership for our mistake and sins.

Blessing in the Balance

                                                                         Are you stressed, out of whack, or have suffering relationships? Guest speaker                                                              Guy Larson shows us the importance of having a balanced life and what the Bible says about it.

Our Resurrected Body

What becomes of our body and life once we die? Listen in as Guest Preacher Guy Leech takes us through 1st Corinthians chapter 15:35-58 and digs into find the answer!

October 2019

Eat, drink, and be merry!

What do you live for? Join us as Pastor Jason Centoni teaches on the different paths we can choose, that of waste that ends in Death, or the choice of Jesus and everlasting Life.

The spiritual life hack

Being a Christian doesn’t mean life is going to be easier, in fact life can get tougher. Listen up as Jason Centoni teaches on how to wade through the difficulty with this Spiritual life hack.