November 2020

Scared, Woke, and Mad

Cultivating the light

A challenge to live out the light of Christ in dark times. A sermon by Pastor Guy Larson.

The sign of Jonah

Join us as Pastor Jason Centoni continues us verse by verse through Chapter 11 of Luke.

October 2020

Luke Chapter 11

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Jason Centoni takes us through Chapter 11 of our verse by verse study of Luke.

The Disciples prayer

This week Pastor Jason Centoni continues us through the book of Luke verse by verse. Today we take a deeper look at how Jesus instructs the disciples on how to pray and how we also can apply the same knowledge to our lives.

September 2020

Take the wheel

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Jason Centoni continues through the book of Luke. Through Jesus’s example we learn how we should respond to those around us and how to take action in our own lives!

The Transfiguration

Check out Pastor Jason Centoni’s awesome new message! As we check continue through Luke, looking at the transfiguration.

How to listen before you lead

Many of us are in positions to lead not only ourselves but those around us. The question is, do you listen before you lead?

August 2020

Luke 8:26-39

This week Pastor Jason continues our study through Luke as we go from one storm and are brought into another.

March 2020

Level Up!

Pastor Jason Centoni teaches on the Sermon On The Mount and how we can be blessed in all situations.