May 2023

Acts Chapter 17

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through chapter 17 and the events of the famous Mars Hill sermon.

Acts Chapter 16

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through the events that led up to Paul and Silas’ imprisonment and the Lord’s rescue. We see God’s timing in these events and how we can apply that knowledge to our lives.

April 2023

Acts Chapter 15:22-29

Pastor Jason Centoni does his best not to offend you while talking about choking animals, blood, and sexual immorality, as he breaks down Chapter 15:22-29 verse by verse.

Grace is a tool.

Are we saved by the things we do or by what He did? Pastor Jason Centoni goes through Acts chapter 15 and how some of the disciples struggled with this question, causing conflict in the church.

Acts chapter 14

What do you do when you’re doing the right thing but everything seems to be going wrong? This is the exact question Paul was asking on his first missionary journey. The answer he comes to will encourage us as we face trails, the same way it encouraged the first church. Sermon by Pastor Guy Leech

Easter Sunday 2023

Happy Easter! He has Risen! Pastor Jason Centoni does a special message on Luke 24:13. We see how we can apply the events that happen directly after the resurrection to our own lives.

Acts 13:13

Join us online for our Wednesday Night Bible Study as Pastor Jason Centoni goes through Acts chapter thirteen.

Acts chapter 13:1-12

This week as Pastor Jason Centoni takes us through the first twelve verses of Acts chapter 13. Barnabas and Paul are sent off according to the Lords will which leads to a confrontation between Paul and the Jewish sorcerer, Bar-Jesus.

March 2023

Acts chapter 12

Pastor Jason Centoni takes us verse by verse through the study of Acts. This week he breaks down Peter’s miraculous escape from prison.

Peter and the Centurion

Join us as we start our Wednesday night bible study and continue where we left on Sunday. This week Jason takes us into the meeting of Peter and the Centurion, and how this meeting effected the future of how Christianity was spread!