April 2024

He who has ears let him hear

Pastor Jason Centoni goes verse by verse in Mathew chapter 13 and the parable of the Sower.

Unmet Expectations

What happens when Jesus isn’t meeting your expectations of Him? Pastor Jason Centoni continues in Matthew chapter eleven and shares how John the Baptist handled his doubts and how we can also.

Matthew Chapter Ten

How can we share the gospel in a manner that is both loving and compelling? Discover the answer with us as Pastor Jason Centoni goes through Matthew chapter ten.

March 2024

Easter Sunday

Dive deep into the themes of hope, redemption, and the transformative power of faith as we reflect on the profound message of Easter. Pastor Jason Centoni also unpacks the significance of the road to Emmaus and the revelation that changed everything.

Mathew Chapter 8:18-27

Matthew Chapter 8

Did you know Jesus wants to be apart of your life? Dive into Matthew chapter 8 with us as Pastor Jason Centoni explores the miracles performed by Jesus revealing his power and compassion.

Matthew Chapter Seven

Welcome to our Sunday service! Pastor Jason Centoni speaks in Matthew Chapter Seven on Jesus’ life changing sermons. Join us as we explore the timeless teachings such as the wide and narrow gate, wolves and sheep, and building on the Rock.

Mathew chapter 7

February 2024

Mathew Chapter 6

Pastor Jason Centoni discusses the topics of giving and prayer from Jesus’ perspective and how we can apply His teaching directly into our lives.

“You Have Heard It Said…”

Have you ever had an understanding of something, only for it to be wrong?Pastor Jason Centoni finishes Matthew chapter five and sheds some light on common misconceptions in this chapter.