June 2021

Make a move

Verse by verse study of 1 Samuel chapter 7 by Pastor Jason Centoni. Are you giving the Lord your whole heart? Take a look at how what we love and spend time doing shapes us, and how we need to be making moves towards the Lord to become more like the Father.

May 2021

When the people of God lose the presence of God

To some, the presence of God is a welcome encouragement, to others it is a nuisance.

Don’t put God in the box

Verse by verse study through the book of 1 Samuel. Pastor Jason Centoni takes us through chapter 4.

1 Samuel Chapter 3

Are you hearing a message from the Lord? Or wondering why you haven’t heard from Him? Let’s take a look at chapter 3 and how it can help us answer these questions.

1 Samuel chapter 2

Happy Mothers Day! Today we dive into the second chapter of 1 Samuel, looking at applicable lessons from a lacking father and a prayerful mother.

April 2021

1 Samuel

When your misunderstood but Gods got you figured out.

What to do when life is less than perfect

We all have circumstances in our lives that are less than perfect. In this message we will see what we can do, and what God can do with imperfect circumstances.

And the locusts came…

What can you do… when you’ve lost absolutely everything?

Easter is for everyone

He is Risen! Join us for an awesome message from Pastor Jason Centoni this Easter Sunday.

March 2021

Questioning Jesus

Join us this palm Sunday as we take a look at the questions facing Jesus and the application they can show us.