September 2020

How to listen before you lead

Many of us are in positions to lead not only ourselves but those around us. The question is, do you listen before you lead?

August 2020

Luke 8:26-39

This week Pastor Jason continues our study through Luke as we go from one storm and are brought into another.

March 2020

Level Up!

Pastor Jason Centoni teaches on the Sermon On The Mount and how we can be blessed in all situations.

Humility and Submission

Jesus knew the power of prayer and used it when deciding the Twelve. Pastor Jason Centoni shows us that just like the Twelve chosen by Jesus we have issues and we need to humbly submit to fully walk in the life God has planned for us.

February 2020

Hit the brakes!

Pastor Jason Centoni shows us what the Sabbath is really about and how Jesus came to bring a festival, not a funeral.

Where the strength is

Would you expect to find Jesus at a party? This week Pastor Jason Centoni finishes off Luke chapter 5 and shows us how Jesus deals with confrontation during a celebration.

Rough around the edges

Could one of the most hated men turn his life around and become a disciple of Jesus? Pastor Jason Centoni tells us how God sees the potential in us even when no one else does.

Lose the labes

This week Guest speaker Guy Larson takes us through Luke chapter 5:17-26 and how Jesus’s interaction with a paralyzed man, his friends, and onlookers shows us the different ways we treat each other and the Lord.

January 2020

A Word That Changes Everything

Even though Simon Peter was skeptical, he listened to what Jesus told him to do. One simple act of obedience changed his life forever. Pastor Jason Centoni shows us how it can be the same for us. 

Familiarity breeds contempt

This week Pastor Jason Centoni shows us how we can let our walk with the Lord become a common place thing that we take for granted. Pastor Jason teaches us how we can stay charged up in the spirit because if we are lacking in our walk with the Lord we will surely be lacking in everything else.